Purposelessness, Pain, Boredom

Over the course of a career which spans over 10+ years, I recently started realising certain things. Both in my professional life, and eventually as it takes a toll, in my personal life as well.

Deadlines, endless pushes to do things quick, pushes to improve your skillset, so you stay relevant in the market, pushes for this, pushes that… It feels plainly tiring and dull after some time. Doing things quicker… Then? So you can do more things… Then? So there will be more things to do. See what I mean? Why do we have this endless push for quicker, faster stuff?

How many times you heard things like these:

  • You should learn this language/library/framework! It is amazing
  • There is a new library for that, didn’t you see?
  • We will start using this language, because it is fancy and hype. So better to learn

You can never catch up. Even learning itself becomes a pain, as you are literally forced to learn and learn quick. Even though you learn and apply, you should be writing “professional code”. Once I heard that in an interview, about a code which is perfectly covering all of the requirements, including the readability part, then of course the application was rejected. Not sure if that was the main reason, but you got how it feels to go through such experience.