Over the course of a career which spans over 10+ years, I recently started realising certain things. Both in my professional life, and eventually as it takes a toll, in my personal life as well.

Deadlines, endless pushes to do things quick, pushes to improve your skillset, so you stay…

It has been 3+ years since moving to Singapore, and I think I have enough personal perspective on the job market to write about.

Singapore has always been a favorable location for people who wants to find jobs as expats and settle down, with wonderful infrastructure, location, medical services, schooling…

So you have landed a job, where it looks quite fancy from outside, the startup you have joined is funded well, they have plans to change the world or become “Tesla of X” or something similar to that. Possibly during the interview process, and quite likely during your first few…

Introvert Developer

An introvert developer, located in Singapore, for now.

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